Tinkle Story Creation Workshop
Writer: Samaara Thomas

Many years ago there lived a young girl named Diana. She had golden hair and beautiful black eyes. She was kind, independent, and never gave up.

One day, she went for a picnic with her family in the forest. After setting up their picnic spot, Diana and her friends wanted to play hide and seek. They began the game, and some time later, their parents called out to them. All the children ran back to the picnic spot, except Diana, who was hiding in a cave.

Diana came out of her hiding spot after some time. “Mummy? Papa?” she called out. No one answered. Diana was all alone. She was shocked at first but calmed down. “I will not be scared. I will not be scared,” she whispered.

She started walking, trying to find her way out of the forest. Suddenly, she heard a squirrel, “Why are you walking alone in the forest?” it asked her.

Diana was shocked to see a talking squirrel. “I…I am lost,” she said and told the squirrel what had happened. The little squirrel felt bad for Diana.

“Will you be my friend?” it asked her. “I will help get you back to your house safely,” the squirrel told her. Diana was kind. “Okay, I will be your friend. I will also take care of you!” she said.

The squirrel was touched. He guided Diana until they reached her house. When they reached the door, Diana picked up the squirrel and rang the doorbell. Her mother opened the door. “Diana!” she said, happily, and hugged her.

Her father too was happy to see her. “How did you get out of the forest?” he asked her. Diana introduced her parents to her new friend, the squirrel. “He helped me!” she said.

“Thank you!” her parents said to the little animal.

“Will you stay here with us?” Diana asked the squirrel. “Can he stay with us?” she asked her parents.

“Yes! I want to stay here!” the squirrel said. Diana’s parents agreed.

And so, Diana and her new friend lived happily ever after!

This story was written as part of the Tinkle Story Creation Workshop. You can also learn to write stories with the help of the Tinkle team, among other fun workshops we conduct. Click here to sign up for one of our workshops today!

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