Why is Tinkle good for your child?


Tinkle’s motto is ‘Where Learning Meets Fun’ and it’s a credo we have been living by faithfully for the past four decades. Scores of Indian children have grown up reading Tinkle, laughing at the antics of lovable Tinkle characters like Suppandi and Shambu, while also learning something new with every issue. There are many, many reasons why Tinkle is the perfect childhood companion for your young one. Here, we have listed the top five reasons:

Let your child’s imagination soar!

The stories in Tinkle are the perfect mix of adventure, mystery, comedy, drama, and action, giving a taste of every genre there is, and letting your child explore new places, new people and new plotlines, a plethora of characters and locations they would have never even dreamed of. In the world of Tinkle, the sky’s the limit, and sometimes not even that!

Tinkle characters are the best!

Tinkle’s classic cast of characters include the literal-minded goof Suppandi, the energy-efficient eco- warrior-slash-foodie Shambu, the tenacious would-be usurper Tantri, and jungle genius Kalia and his merry band of animal friends. Then, there’s newer additions like the blundering Defective, the reluctant superhero WingStar, yoga warriors YogYodhas, sister squad Ina, Mina, Mynah, Mo, and the mischief-making students of NOIS. In short, there is someone for everyone!

Relatable storylines that teach life-lessons

Tinkle’s one-off original stories is Indian storytelling at its best, taking up contemporary issues for today’s modern child. Our tales are all-inclusive, and deal with various everyday topics for the average Indian child, from bullying to getting braces, to shifting school to making friends. We have had many a letter from our readers, telling us how our stories have helped them get through a problem they faced.

So much learning.

Tinkle comes chock-a-block with trivia pages, general knowledge features, skill-building projects, and vocabulary-building exercises as well. Features like Top That, Tinkle Times and Name, Place, Animal, Thing actively teach children about various people and places, flora and fauna, and events and news stories, that populate our planet’s past and present. We also have fun DIY activities for kids to explore their creative side, and word games that aim to give children a better grasp of the English language and up their reading and comprehension skills.

It’s not just screen time. It’s quality screen time.

In today’s day and age, children will inevitably spend a lot of time on a screen near them. However, what is still under your control as a parent is what they are consuming on that screen. That’s where the Tinkle app steps in. It’s not only the perfect way for to entertain your child, but they will also be learning so much at the same time! We strongly believe reading is good, be it paper or pixel. What’s even better is reading Tinkle! So start a subscription today and give your child the gift of Tinkle. Trust us, they will thank you for it!