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YogYodhas’ Praanis in Grave Danger?!
Writer: Staff Reporter
Illustrator: Vineet Nair

KURUVA: A terrible curse seems to be upon the YogYodhas, who are facing one pressing challenge after another.

The YogYodhas, a small band of reclusive yogic warriors, recently lost their home and sanctuary, VidyAshray, to devastating floods, and were only able to flee to safety with the help of their spirit creatures or praanis. However, they now seem to be on the verge of losing their praanis, too. The powerful beings, who have saved the world from doom on multiple occasions in the past, are now unable to do the simplest of tasks. They seem to be losing their strength and their glow. One poor praani even vanished mid-flight, sending its passengers crashing to the ground.

Is there a mysterious illness that’s spreading among the praanis? Is it time for the YogYodhas to say a final farewell to their spirit companions? Will the curse upon the YogYodhas ever be lifted?

Read YogYodhas: A Vanishing World (Chapter 2: Breakdown) in Tinkle 783 Week 4 to find out!

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