Otters of Big Baan Ottara and Ood are concerned about their friend Orta who turned down a playdate with them. What is up with Orta?
The new cook in SuperWeirdo Aisha's school has magic in his fingers that makes more than good food. What will Aisha do when faced with his SuperWeird powers that is causing chaos?
Find out why Suppandi is stocking the elevator with yummy goodies and blankets. Strange behaviour, right?
Tantri the Mantri and Raja Hooja find themselves teleported to a forest. Is there magic a play? Yes! Curious to know who is responsible?
In Tinkle Explains, Sam sits down to educate Ravi about the science of touchscreens. Get ready for a retort-filled learning session.
The YogYodhas, Bir and Bala, find a wounded elephant in the silent valley. As they set out to help the animal, things go downhill.
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