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5 Facts You Must Know About the Paralympics
Writer: Aaina Anand
Illustrator: Manas Bhagwat


From gathering about 400 physically challenged players to 4,400 players, the Paralympic Games have come a long way in the last 64 years. The Paralympics was founded by Sir Ludwig Guttmann and is a multi-sport event focussed for specially-abled athletes. Here are some interesting facts about the Paralympics:

  • The first Paralympic Games took place almost 64 years after the Olympics were created. The games were first held in 1960 in Rome.
  • The word ‘para’ means ‘alongside’. Thus the word ‘Paralympics’ refers to a second Olympics for specially-abled athletes to bring out their talents.
  • While the rings make up the Olympics’s symbol, the Paralympics’ symbol consists of three agitos or curved dashes in red, blue and green. ‘Agitos’ means ‘I move’ in Latin. Thus, the sign represents the spirit of being an athlete.
  • Each athlete strives to embody the four values that are core to the games— courage, determination, inspiration and equality.
  • The paralympic athletes are often called adaptive athletes, for they constantly alter their equipment or prosthetics as per their specific sport.
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