Frequently Asked Questions

App, Subscriptions and Orders


1. Where will I find the Tinkle app?

You can download the Tinkle app from Play Store and App Store. You can also check out
the app on the browser. Here’s the link:

2. I need help with the Tinkle app. Whom should I contact?

Please write to The app support team will be able to guide
you best.

3. I want to subscribe to the print edition of the Tinkle magazine! Who will help me out?

If you are in India, please visit
If you are outside India, please visit

4. I want a Tinkle subscription for my school library. Whom should I write to?

Please reach out to

5. I bought something from the Tinkle store but it hasn't been delivered yet! Whom should I contact?

Please reach out to

6. I want to amend/cancel/return my order.

Please reach out to

Magazine and Website


1. I have ideas for the feature pages in Tinkle magazine. Whom should I write to?

Write to us at with your ideas. Be sure to add the feature
name as the subject line. For eg: “Kalia’s Fact Sheet” will be your subject line if you’re
sharing an idea for that feature. “It Happened to Me” will be your subject line if you’re
sharing an idea for that feature. If it is selected for the magazine, the editorial team will get
in touch with you.

2. I have a story idea for Tinkle. Whom should I write to?

If you are under 18 years old, please share your story ideas with us at tinklemail@ack- Be sure to add your name and contact details in the mail. Please share your
story idea as a PDF or Word document. If it is selected for the magazine, the editorial team
will get in touch.
If you are over 18 years old, please note that we are not currently accepting contributions
from adult writers.

3. I want to see my artwork and poem in the magazine! How can I do that?

Unfortunately, we don’t publish artwork and poems in the magazine. However, you can
share your work with us on this page
and if it gets the Editor’s approval, we will upload it to the Tinkle website.

4. When can I expect a response to my story/feature idea?

We receive many submissions every day and we look at each of them very closely. This
process takes some time. We try our best to write back to everyone, but realistically, you
can expect to hear from us if your submission has been selected.

5. I am not from India. Can I still send my submission to Tinkle?

Yes. Tinkle accepts stories and ideas from young readers under the age of 18 across the

6. Will I receive detailed feedback on my writing?

While we would like to give all writers personalized feedback on their work, it is not
possible to do so. We receive a large volume of submissions and we have limited resources.
As a general guideline, we encourage all writers to look through recent issues of Tinkle
magazine to get a sense of what we publish.

7. I wrote to you on ages ago and still haven't heard back!

Please use only if you have:
– Queries about the content in Tinkle’s publications
– A submission for the magazine
If you have other concerns or queries, please email the concerned team, as mentioned
elsewhere in this FAQ. Please note that is handled by Tinkle’s
Editorial team who are unable to address any queries outside the editorial scope of Tinkle.

8. Will I be notified if my submission is accepted?

If your submission for the magazine is accepted, you will be notified by email. We are
unable to notify contributors for their poem and/or art submissions to the website. If you
have submitted a poem or piece of art, we encourage you to keep checking the website to
see if it is published.

9. I have written a book for children. Will Tinkle publish it?

We do not publish books that have not been commissioned by us and therefore, do not
accept manuscripts.

Ads, Promotions and Sponsorships


1. I want to run an ad in Tinkle. Whom should I contact?

You can write to our ad sales department at

2. I want to collaborate with Tinkle for a promotional campaign. Whom should I contact?

Please reach out to our marketing team at

3. I want to reach out to Tinkle for a sponsorship deal. Whom do I contact?

Please reach out to our marketing team at

Job Openings


1. How can I work at Tinkle?

For a full-time job at Tinkle Comics Studio, check out our social media and LinkedIn pages
for openings. If you wish to work with us as a freelance artist, please share your portfolio
with the subject “Freelance Writer/Artist” at If your portfolio is
shortlisted, the team will get in touch.