You Be The Detective
Missed Shot
Writer: Linta Philip
Illustrator: Sachin Adhare and Shrutika Gorule


Inspector Anmol was at Shahid’s house to investigate a break-in that had happened the previous night. Shahid was visibly shaken by the ordeal. But he eagerly explained his account of the events.

“I slept with the window open last night, to let in the cool air. The robber entered through the window around midnight. I woke up after hearing noises in the room and found the robber rummaging through my cupboard. I tried to stop her, but was soon overpowered. She caught me by my collar and held a gun straight towards my head. She shot but the bullet missed my left ear by an inch and hit the wall behind me. You can see the bullet embedded in the wall,” Shahid explained.

“I was scared after that and was forced to open my safe and give her all the jewellery in it,” he continued.

Inspector Anmol walked around the room and inspected the wall. He later asked if Shahid had contacted his insurance agency about the burglary. Shahid replied that he had.

Inspector Anmol was able to figure out that Shahid was making up the story for insurance money. How?

Shahid said that the bullet missed his left ear by an inch. By that logic, the bullet should have been embedded in the wall at a point that corresponded to his height. But in the picture, the bullet has pierced the wall at a much higher point 

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