Little Achievers
Meet Sharvil Milind Pawar
Writer: Shreya Ghosh
Illustrator: Narendra Pardhi

Sharvil Milind Pawar is a class 3 student who has been drawing and sketching since he was 5 years old. His art has been featured in an e-magazine as well! Here’s what Sharvil had to say about his hobbies and interests, how he finds inspiration for his artwork, his dream job, Tinkle, and more!

Hi Sharvil! To start off, tell us about yourself. What do you like and dislike? 

My name is Sharvil Milind Pawar. I study in class 3 at Smt. Sunitidevi Singhania School, Thane. The things I like most are drawing and sketching! Art is my passion. I used to sketch on our floor tiles using markers for countless hours. I love watching Marvel and Disney Movies, and cartoons. I also read comic books like Tinkle, DC and The Diary of a Wimpy Kid. I love dogs as they are loving and kind, and would like to have one at our home. I also like playing cricket and football, travelling, reading, and listening to music. I like to help elderly and needy people. But I do not like negative and dishonest people.

I see you really like drawing and sketching. How do you find inspiration or ideas for your drawings?

My Mamma and Baba both are very good at drawing, and this might be something which I have gotten from them. Since the time I first got hold of a paper and pencil, I have been drawing things. I started working on meaningful drawings at 5. Also, I have not taken any class to learn this skill. I just learned it by myself and with the guidance of my parents. I have done sketches of almost all characters from Avenger movies, Disney characters, Hindi movie stars etc.

Have you submitted your drawings and sketches into any competitions?

I remember doing a sketch of Spiderman from the movie Spiderman Nowhere Home on the floor tiles using markers, which was one of my finest sketches. In 2021, my drawing was featured in the Artistry section in the e-magazine of Sunitidevi Singhania School. When the pandemic started, I created a YouTube channel called Shavil’s Drawing & Art’.

How do you think your artwork and the time that you put into it, helps you?

Drawing and sketching makes me happy. My artwork can show any emotion I want and I can play with my imagination on the paper. It boosts my creative thinking and develops my observation skills too. Moreover, art explains things that words cannot.

What else do you do in your free time?

I am currently learning skating, drama and piano. I also keep participating in English olympiads. I watch cartoons, animation movies and videos to learn sketching. I also play with my friends. We cycle, play football, chess, carom and other outdoor games. My other hobbies are travel, reading books, music and craft work.

What kind of music do you enjoy, and which books do you like to read?

I love Charlie Puth’s songs, and books such as Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Geronimo Stilton.

I see that you have also thought about what you want to do when you grow up. Tell us more about that!

My dream is to do creative work for Marvel, DC and Disney. I would also like to sketch for comic books. I want to do something which will make me happy and my parents proud.

Who is your favourite Tinkle Toon and why? No wrong answers, of course!

My favourite character is Shikari Shambu. I love how his bad luck turns into good luck when he is on a mission!

Do you have something to say to children your age who might also have similar interests as you?

I hope that my passion for drawing and sketching will motivate and encourage others.

Finally, if there’s anything you’d like to say to us or our readers, go ahead!

I would like to thank you and the Tinkle team for featuring me as a Little Achiever and giving me this opportunity.

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