Tinkle Talk Show
Tinkle Talk Show Featuring Raja Hooja, Aisha & Bir
Writer: Aparna Sundaresan
Illustrator: Shrutika Gorule


1. Your Majesty, Raja Hooja, do you know that your cat Laddoo doesn’t like Tantri?
That is fake news and I will not stand for it! Laddoo is a loving and lovable cat. He’s so fluffy and cuddly that sometimes I want to eat him! How can he not like Tantri? Tantri is the kindest, most generous person on this planet. He is protective, alert and selfless. He is loved by all, including Laddoo. Besides, what reason does a cat have to not like my most loyal minister? The idea is preposterous and I reject it wholeheartedly! 

2. Aisha, how come you always find a SuperWeirdo wherever you go?
It has less to do with luck and more to do with the nature of my power. SuperWeirdos are all around us, secretly using their powers and living their lives. Are you able to spot them merely by looking at them? Probably not. However, one of my powers is jiggling in the presence of a SuperWeirdo, so I can’t help but be a divining rod for them. The purpose of my power is to find others like me, which is why I often discover SuperWeirdos when I go to new places. 

3. Bir, unlike the rest of us with siblings, do you not fight with Bala?
Of course I do! Have you not met Bala? Of all the people I know, she has the shortest fuse. She is also opinionated and stubborn. All these make her a combative person. But I don’t take her aggression lying down, no way! I do fight back when I disagree with her. It’s just that I don’t do it out in the open. We get enough grief from Yug and Astra as it is, so we must present ourselves as a united front against them. They don’t need to know that we squabble as well, else they will use that information against us. So shhhh! Keep this on the down-low. 

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