You Be The Detective
Pie Gone
Writer: Rebekah S.J.
Illustrator: Savio Mascarenhas
Soni had just woken up and was looking at the misty morning outside. “I’ll miss this beautiful hillside when I go back home,” she thought, as she tried to warm her bottle of water by rubbing her hands against it. She wrapped the shawl tightly around her, as a chilly breeze blew through the window. Soni was staying with her younger cousins while their parents were away on a trip. They were coming back today and Soni was going to take her cousins on the long drive to the airport. “Milli’s been baking a pie for uncle and aunty. I hope the other two are awake.” She grinned as she remembered the past week. “They’ve been good kids so far,” she thought, when she suddenly heard a scream! Soni hurried to the kitchen and saw a sad Milli. Just then Reny, Milli’s elder sister, walked in, wiping her hands on her pyjamas. Her pretty, wavy hair was blowing in the early morning breeze. She placed a bottle of coconut oil on the counter with a dull thu...
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