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WingStar to Join New Crimefighting Group
Writer: Staff Reporter
Illustrator: Vineet Nair and Narendra Pardhi

AIZWA: Former Starlition member and Aizwa superhero, WingStar is all set to join a new crime fighting group called The CrimeWatchers.

The city recently partnered with Ms. Lalrinkimi’s Project Scour, making her now responsible for maintaining law and order in Aizwa alongside the local police force. Her soldiers, The CrimeWatchers, have successfully stopped criminals moments after they commit a crime. If this continues, Aizwa will finally be crime free.

However, Project Scour has forced the Starlition to go into early retirement and all the members aren’t happy, except WingStar who seemed elated by the news. While this reporter could not get comments from the Starlition, an inside source said, “Ms. Lalrinkimi is very excited by the prospect of WingStar signing up to be a CrimeWatcher very soon!”

To know the full story, read WingStar: Project Scour (Episode 2: The CrimeWatchers) in Tinkle 788 Week 3.

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