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New member joins the Defective Detectives?
Writer: Staff Reporter

TINKLE TOWN: The hot, new word out on the street is that the Defective Detectives, Ravi and Rahul, have a new partner against crime! We can exclusively reveal that it is none other than Bonny Rhewgl!

For those unfamiliar with her, Bonny Rhewgl is a famous author, known for peddling crackpot—uhh—totally real theories and secrets about the world. Her new book, Secrets No One Wants You to Know, is out in the Tinkle world and has found fans in Ravi and Rahul. In fact, inspired by her, our detective duo is convinced that pigeons are actually spies working for an evil gang out to rob their residences! They’ve taken this case to Bonny Rhewgl and we’ve learnt that she might be on board to investigate with them.

What does this mean for our detectives? Will they finally be able to solve a real case? All is revealed in the story ‘Pigeon Pandemonium’ in Tinkle 774. Get your hands on it now!

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