The Witch’s Challenge – Chapter 10


Impressive. The gypsy girl admires your sharp eyes and opens her smouldering pouch. She pulls out a small, glittering button and hands it to you. You take it from her and hold it up against the light. It looks like a million colours are shining through the tiny button all at the same time. You thank the gypsy girl. But she isn’t done. She hands you a majestic parakeet perched on her arm. “Take Francis with you. He will help you find the last artefact and face the witch when it’s time to go back to her.”

Francis takes off and lands with a soft plop on your shoulder. You admire his dazzling green feathers and his long, emerald tail. “Let’s go, let’s go!” he squawks, and you and your new friend leave the aviary.  

As soon as you are outside, Francis ruffles his feathers as he prepares to reveal the clue to the final artefact…  

“From a hat of magic he will conjure me,  

The prettiest of the four you will see—  

A silky, satin ribbon of purple royal  

That will remain to its owner loyal.”  

A purple satin ribbon! That’s the last artefact. But where could it be?

I saw an old man selling shrunken toenails. He definitely has it!

I passed by a tent where an illusionist was performing. It’s there!

I passed by a stall that is selling fancy hats and masks. The ribbon has to be there!


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