The Witch’s Challenge – Chapter 11

When you enter the illusionist’s tent, you see that he’s performing a trick—he’s trying to make his assistant reappear inside a cupboard from where he vanished her.  

“Ouga bouga and ding-a-ling,  

Return my assistant Suzy Spring!”  

He waves his hands over the cupboard. You then notice that he’s wearing a shimmering purple satin ribbon around his wrist. Suzy Spring bursts through the cupboard and the audience claps.  

“Bravo! Bravo!” they cry.  

The illusionist and his assistant take a bow and the crowd disperses. You linger back and then approach the illusionist. “What do you want?” he asks gruffly. You respond:  

I have two copper coins. Are you a good enough illusionist to turn them into 100 gold coins?

Fire your assistant. Hire me instead.

There’s a purple ribbon around your wrist. I know its secret.


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