Tinkle Headlines
Are Cats Taking Over The World?
Writer: Staff Reporter

Our Defective Detectives, Rahul and Ravi, are happy to have found an Animal Identiferator from their Bunkum Trunkum, which is a trunk full of defective gadgets created by absent-minded criminal inventor Pascala. They believe that their Animal Identiferator translates animal talk into human language.

They hear a wail through their window assuming it to be the cry of a baby. Looking through the window they find two cats running away. Their defective minds process the situation through a detective lens, as usual. Thus, they conclude that the cats were trying to act like humans so they have started mimicking babies. Once they learn to do that well, they will start talking and acting like humans. Soon the cats will take over the world.

That’s not all. They follow the cats and it leads them to a place where there are many more cats owned by a grumpy old lady. What happens next? Will they be able to solve their newly created mystery? Find out here.

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