Guest Author
The Legend of Kitaanu – Chapter 4
Writer: Ragini Parashar
Illustrator: Arjun Nair

If you’re not familiar with the story so far, start here, at the beginning of the series. In Chapter 3, Kitaanu visits a human school. Read on to find out how his life would never be the same again.

The tour had started. While gliding through the human school, a sharp scent distracted Kitaanu. He ignored the urge to follow the source initially, but when it became too strong to resist, he drifted off without a sound and started a one-moskid search. Rogaanu was too busy making notes to notice his stunt, and the instructor seemed too zesty to do a head count.

After passing through a few corridors, the scent became tantalizing. Finally, he landed in a room full of human kindergarteners who seemed to be around five years old. They were about to start lunch. They had such clean lunch boxes and food that, according to his instructor, should have been dirtied at once. But he looked at their happy faces and abandoned the ideology at once.

To his surprise, the scent came from little containers, which oozed some liquid. The children promptly rubbed it all over their hands and then lunged towards their food. He couldn’t contain his joy and rushed ahead to roll in the lotion.

Oooh! How he enjoyed it! His bum jiggled, his neck tickled and skin glowed. Just as he started to have a ball, another peculiar scent hit him. It was from a similar container but with a different label. He jumped onto the palm of the little girl holding it to have a better look, and saw a strawberry on the container. Oh! And without any warning, a sea of scents bowled him over.

Kitaanu saw several containers being used. He rushed out of the room into another, skiing from one corridor to another, one palm to the other; grooving and relishing the sense of smell and touch that attracted him from all directions. Green apple, lemon, jasmine, rose, vanilla… the list seemed endless.

What was this enchantment?

Will Kitaanu unravel the mystery of the mesmerizing scents? Find out in chapter 5 of The Legend of Kitaanu!

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