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Talon The Falcon
Writer: Christopher Baretto




The Feather Tales take us on the thrilling adventures of Shikar—a white-faced squirrel and his winged friends. And guess what? Shikar can talk to birds! Their very first adventure takes place in the book Talon the Falcon. Talon, a majestic falcon, is caged by humans. Despite knowing that falcons are one of the deadliest hunters in the sky, Shikar and his friends set out on a mission to free Talon—because it is the right thing to do.

Does Shikar manage to rescue Talon?  Will Longtail and Sunglow be able to find their way out? These and many more questions are answered in the action-packed Feather Tales!

The first place you’d want to visit after reading the books in Deepak Dalal’s Feather Tales series is a forest. You’ll want to prowl and soar with all the animals and birds. Deepak lets you live the life of the animals he writes about. While reading the book, I almost felt as if I had sprouted wings! His books help you understand that what may seem to be a small thing for us is a matter of survival for our fellow creatures. For example our skyscrapers, which look so stunning to our human eyes, are road blocks for our flying friends!

I thoroughly enjoyed reading the story and cannot wait to go on another adventure with Shikar and his brave friends!

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