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Secret Vandal in NOIS!
Writer: Staff Reporter
Illustrator: Rajib Das

NILGIRIS: In a new development just coming out of Nilgiri Orchid International School (NOIS), we have learnt that a miscreant is doing the rounds on campus, vandalizing projects wherever they go. This rogue’s latest victims are a group of senior students, most of whom are prefects as well.

“We were working in the library,” says one of the prefects who has asked to remain anonymous. “We had brought several bottles of paint from the school’s art studio to use in our project. But imagine our shock when we discovered that they actually contained shoe polish!” Did all the bottles contain shoe polish to begin with, when they brought them from the studio? “No, no,” says a fellow NOIS prefect, also preferring to be anonymous. “We definitely brought paints because we used them a couple times. The miscreant must have swapped them out in the library when we left our project to dry for a day.” Who could have gained access to the library? “Another student, obviously,” says the second prefect. “And we’re betting it’s one of the juniors!” adds the first in anger. “They’re always out to get us.”

Is a junior student indeed going around campus with sinister motives? What are the senior students going to do now? How will they recover from their shoe-polish-ruined project? Read the full story in Tinkle 785 W3.

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