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Girls go missing after Starlition Mission
Writer: Staff Reporter

Aizwa: Two schoolgirls have vanished in the aftermath of a shoddy Starlition mission. This is especially shocking because, as per our source, the girls disappeared from right under the noses of WingStar, ZingStar and Mad Mixer!

The Starlition was tasked with tracking down Dr. Rempuia, a dangerous scientist who has been responsible for many messes in the recent past. However, not only did the Starlition not catch him, but they also managed to lose two children in the process. How on earth did they do that when they have not one, not two, but three superheroes in the team? When questioned, Tashi Kawlim, the leader said, “The details of this mission are confidential. I’d prefer it if you didn’t pry since this is a sensitive case.” Rudeness notwithstanding, we also learnt from our source that all that he and the Starlition got out of the mission was a cell phone.

Was losing two young girls worth obtaining a measly cell phone? Where are those girls and for that matter, who are they? Will the Starlition apologize for their poor behaviour and failure to protect children? Read the full story in Tinkle 778 W1.

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