Laugh Out Loud
10 Wild Jokes for You!
Illustrator: Manas Bhagwat


Q: Why should you always take a friend to a party thrown by birds?
A: Because you don’t want to be owl by yourself. 

Does anyone want to watch a movie about pigs? It seems boaring to me. 

Q: Why shouldn’t you embarrass yourself before birds of prey?
A: Because otherwise it would be hawkward! 

One has to be very clear when giving fish instructions. If not, they’ll ask you to be Pacific. 

Q: Why was the sick baby eagle punished for stealing?
A: Because it was a little ill-eagle. 

Q: Which holiday is a wolf’s favourite?
A: Howloween! 

Baby bears are so spoilt. Their mothers panda to their every request! 

Q: Why did the walrus burst out laughing?
A: Because its friend just cracked the sealiest joke. 

Have you heard that you can keep a type of animal in your car? It’s called a car-pet. 

After a heavy meal, one must not shame hippos for eating a lot of food. That’s hippo-critical. 

Image credit: Freepik

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