Tinkle Story Creation Workshop
Sam’s Incredible Adventure
Writer: Sayuri Phanse

One fine evening, Sam was checking his mail when he saw a strange one. It said:

Hello Sam,

Meet me on Sharptooth Mountain on the first night of summer.
The fate of Amebog depends on it.

Wolf Handergrade. 

“Wolf Handergrade,” Sam said. “Our wolf friend. I wonder why he wants to meet us?”

Sam’s friend, Nero, looked at the mail. “It says to meet him on the first night of summer,” he said. “That’s today!” Nero exclaimed. “Hurry up, let us leave!”

Sam ran to his room to collect things for the adventure. After all, the fate of Amebog, his home, depended on it. Sam pulled out his backpack and filled it with things that were untidily falling  from his cupboard

“Compass, rope, flashlight, and first aid kit. Done!” he said.

“Come on, it’s almost nightfall!” Nero peeped his head in the room.

“Yes, I have everything,” Sam replied.

“I think we have to take a cab,” Nero said. “After all, Sharptooth Mountain is outside Amebog.”

Sam nodded and took out his phone. He booked a cab and soon, they were on their way to the mountain.

When they reached, they got off the cab. “Thank you!” Nero said to the driver.

“It is 7’o’clock,” Sam said, glancing at his watch. “We’d better ask a wolf for help or we will never get on the top. I wonder what the threat is,”

“Amebog is definitely in danger, the wolf said that the town’s fate depends on it,” Nero said. They began climbing the left side of the mountain, where Wolf Handergrade and his army lived.


They soon came across a familiar sight. This meant that they had entered Wolf Handergrade’s territory. The two friends came across an enormous cave and Sam knocked on the door. A moment later, a face peeked out, and Wolf Leadergang stepped out.

“Hello, want a lift?” he asked.

“Yes,” Sam replied. “To Wolf Handergrade’s cave,”

The wolf gestured for them to sit on his back and took off. He ran until they reached Wolf Handergrade’s cave. It was a small cave with the picture of a wolf on the door. The wolf came out and greeted Sam and Nero. Wolf Leadergang left.

“Wolf Handergrade, why have you called us here?” Nero asked.

“To discuss an important matter,” the wolf replied. “Amebog is in trouble! The horrible Wolf Badgrade is planning to trample the town with his army!”

Sam and Nero were shocked. “Moreover, no one in Amebog knows about us, or the danger. So, when the town gets destroyed and everyone runs away, Badgrade will use the materials that the houses are made from to build something very dangerous,” the wolf informed them.

“When is the battle being held?” Sam asked.

“Today, I have messaged Wolf Badgrade about it,” Handergrade said. He looked out of his window. “Look! They are coming!” he pointed outside, where Wolf Badgrade and his army were marching towards them.


At the same time, Wolf Handergrade’s army came too, prepared for battle. The leader whispered something into his ear, and Wolf Handergrade grinned. They heard the battle whistle and the fight began. Sam and Nero ran to fight too.

First, Wolf Leadergang charged at a wolf from Badgrade’s army and knocked him over. He did the same with two more wolves. In no time, most wolves from Wolf Badgrade’s army were dead.

Seeing this, the horrible wolf shouted, “Oh, gigantic robot! Come as I call for you!!” A big robot appeared in a flash of smoke

Wolf Leadergang grinned. He pulled out a shiny sword with a golden hilt from his armour and yelled, “EXCALIBUR!”

Immediately, a blue dragon with the face of a wolf appeared. “Dragonis, the dragon of the wolves, at your service,” the dragon said.

“Fight that robot!” Wolf Leadergang yelled. With a colossal kick, Dragonis broke the robot into pieces!

Wolf Badgrade saw this. “I accept defeat,” He said. “You can have Sharptooth Mountain. I will not trample Amebog,” he said and jumped down from the mountain.

“We have got the whole Sharptooth mountain back and Amebog has been saved!” Wolf Leadergang exclaimed.

Wolf Handergrande looked at Sam and Nero. “Well, it is time for you to go. It’s almost dawn. Goodbye!” he said.

“Goodbye! It was nice meeting you again,” Nero replied as he and Sam climbed down the mountain.

This story was written as part of the Tinkle Story Creation Workshop. You can also learn to write stories with the help of the Tinkle team, among other fun workshops we conduct. Click here to sign up for one of our workshops today!

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