Tinkle Story Creation Workshop
Writer: Vinesh Rakesh

It was the year 8091. Vinesh, who lived on the planet Mars since Mission Save Earth, loved the game Minecraft. This was because, for his birthday, his parents had taken him back to Earth so they could get him his gift: Minecraft!

A few years had passed since Vinesh got this gift, and one day, he was playing it when suddenly, the game pulled him in! “Aaahhhhh!” he shouted.

Vinesh landed on a soft floor. When he opened his eyes, he saw walls. “This…this is my house on Minecraft!” he exclaimed, confused. There was a knock on the door, and Vinesh opened it.

“Please save me!” a boy said.

“What? Who are you?” Vinesh said.

“I am Chad. Please save me from the five most dangerous villains on Minecraft!” the boy said.

“Who are these villains?” Vinesh asked.

“Zombieskelton Man, Ghidar, Wihter, Alienzooloo and Nitan the Yeti.” Chad replied.

“Who is the least dangerous of them all?”

“Wihter,” Chad said.

“Where is he?” Vinesh asked.

“Find out yourself,” Chad said and vanished.

Vinesh was confused but started mining and making weapons. Soon, he had many of them and went to Nether, which was in the Underworld. He started searching for Wihter and decided to ask the local pigmen.

“Where is Wihter?” he asked one of the pigmen.

“Fight us, and we will tell you,” the man replied.

“Okay,” Vinesh took out his golden sword and began fighting. It went on for a long time, and suddenly, the pigman slashed his sword at  Vinesh’s hand. “Ouch!” he said, as he got hurt.

Vinesh angrily attacked the pigman and killed him. The other pigmen told him where Wihter’s hill was.

Vinesh climbed up the hill and saw his target. He went to Wihter.

“I have come to kill you, Wihter,” he told the villain.

The villain laughed loudly. “ZOOLOO!” he called out. AlienZooLoo came out of a house.

“How will you kill me, when two of us are fighting you?” Wihter asked with an evil smile.

“Let’s kill him!” ZooLoo said.

So saying, Wihter and ZooLoo attacked Vinesh and they got into a fierce battle. Soon, Vinesh killed Wihter by stabbing him with his sword, and pushed ZooLoo off the hill.

Vinesh had emerged victorious in his first battle! And so began his epic quest to defeat the five villains of Minecraft and save Chad.

This story was written as part of the Tinkle Story Creation Workshop. You can also learn to write stories with the help of the Tinkle team, among other fun workshops we conduct. Click here to sign up for one of our workshops today!

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