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Spotted! Frena Chill in Hujli?
Writer: Staff Reporter

World famous jazz musician, Frena Chill, has been spotted at the Hujli Palace. According to sources, Raja Hooja has even turned the entire royal gymnasium into a music room for the jazz legend. But who is Frena Chill?

Frena Chill, native of the hill country Zangolia, is the daughter of famed musician, Hakir Zukain, and artist, Mreida Bahlo. This talented musician can play more than five instruments, including the saxophone, the trombone, the clarinet, and the trumpet. She is also known for her stylish outfits and fancy hairdo. Winner of five Crammy Awards, she has quite a few hit songs including, Trams on the Road, Darting Looks, and Double-face Empanada.

Will the corridors of the Hujli Palace be filled with the chill sounds of this famed jazz cat or is there more to the music maestro than meets the eye? More importantly, what does Tantri have to say about all this? Will he get down with the beat or will he be the one doing the beating? Find out in Tantri the Mantri: Musick! in Tinkle 775 W4.

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