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Is WingStar’s Job in Danger?
Writer: Staff Reporter

Aizwa: Three kids from a school in Aizwa have challenged WingStar to a dangerous task. Sources tell us that these children, Tluanga, Eoma and Sangi, claim to be able to catch a criminal gang before WingStar can!

We spoke to Mapui Kawlim, their classmate, and she explained how these children would not listen to reason. They believe that WingStar is not even a real superhero! They plan to use their new gadgets such as expanding cricket bats to catch the dreaded Damon gang.

The Damon gang recently attacked a shop owner in Aizwa, just down the road from the children’s school. Sources tell us that the shop owner found the mark of the gang, a ninja star, in her ransacked shop. She has already called for help but she is in shock.

Is WingStar done for? Can ordinary school children do the job for her? More on this in Tinkle 775


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