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Influencers Join Local School!
Writer: Staff Reporter
Illustrator: Abhijeet Kini Designs and Manas Bhagwat


TINKLE TOWN: Our esteemed news channel’s headquarters were abuzz when we received word of two high-profile influencers joining a Tinkle Town school! 

We have nearly-confirmed eyewitness statements on this matter. Two ultra-famous and beloved BooTubers have graced one of Tinkle Town’s humble educational institutions this morning! Who could they be and why have they decided to come to our town? Could they be the famous sibling-vlogger duo Camie and Era Lenz? Or famous reaction and gaming duo AkshunReakshun and GameWame? In any case, what have we done to deserve such good fortune?

Believe it or not, the news gets better. Apparently, these two shining stars have joined none other than the Daring Detectives’ school, and are in the same class as them! Hardly able to believe their luck, this reporter danced all the way to respected detective Mr. Ravi Pillai’s house. However, they found him outside the house, pacing and muttering something that sounded like, “Soon, soon, soon,” and so on and so forth. Undeterred, this reporter approached the highly regarded personage and asked him about the celebrity students at his school. But, they were met with a greatly offended, bewildered and ultimately hostile reaction. “DO NOT SPEAK TO ME AGAIN!” bellowed Mr. Ravi Pillai, after which this reporter raced back to headquarters. 

What could explain such a strange reaction from the Daring Detective? Why is he not overjoyed as we are at this rare sight of fame in Tinkle Town? Are these influencers, whoever they are, hiding something? Read Tinkle 794 Week 4 to find out! 


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