Beginner’s Course

Meet Suppandi, the cheerful goof! He has worked on multiple jobs and never lasted in any of them past a day or two. He earnestly listens to instructions from his employers but then applies his own literal logic to them. What happens then? Utter mayhem!

Get ready to be amused and tickled by the (il)logic of Tinkle’s most beloved Toon, Suppandi! Join Suppandi as he dabbles in the world of advertising, tries to learn martial arts and even unearths secrets as an archaeologist. Read on as goofy Suppandi goes on an adventure with cowardly Shambu! That’s not all-you also get to read an interview with Archana Amberkar, the artist for Suppandi. So get set to roll on the floor, howling with laughter and wishing for more!

If you’re a fan of Suppandi or just someone who loves to laugh, this is one Collection you can’t miss!

Did you know: Suppandi made his debut in January 1983, in Tinkle issue no. 27. Ram Waeerkar, the legendary Tinkle artist gave form to Suppandi. Currently, his daughter, Archana Amberkar, illustrates the comic.

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