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Cool Tiger Facts!
Writer: Adwaita Kartik Murthy
Illustrator: Shrutika Gorule


From their iconic stripes to their razor-sharp teeth, tigers are a force to reckon with! Here are some terrific facts about India’s majestic national animal.  

  1.  India has the most number of wild tigers, at a whopping 3,167.  
  2. Tigers primarily hunt deer but aren’t picky eaters. They occasionally indulge in wild boars, birds, fish, rodents, amphibians, reptile, and even insects. These beasts can survive on a large deer carcass for a week. However, only one out of every ten hunts is successful.  
  3. Did you know that tigers are chatty cats? Their vocal range is vast. From a booming roar to a sizzling hiss, they use different sounds to communicate with each other. Tigers can even imitate the sounds of their prey to lure them while hunting. 
  4. Tigers are humongous! An adult tiger measures up to 3.3 metres long and can weigh around 363 kg. They’re called the biggest cats in the world for a reason! 
  5. At full speed, tigers can reach up to 65 km/h. That’s faster than Usain Bolt when he set the world record in the 100-metre dash at the 2009 Olympics. They may be big and heavy, but nothing’s slowing them down!   
  6. Tigers are their own doctors! They have antiseptic saliva and tend to lick their wounds to prevent any infection.  
  7. To save these majestic wild cats, the Government of India launched Project Tiger in 1973. As of January 2023, India has 53 tiger reserves.  
  8. Since tigers are endangered, they have their own bodyguards to protect them from pesky poachers in selected reserves. The Special Tiger Protection Force (STPF) was introduced by the NTCA (National Tiger Conservation Authority) on 29 February, 2008.  
  9. Tigresses have white spots on the back of their ears that function as flashers. They use them to communicate with their cubs. When a tigress senses danger, she flattens her ears to alert the cubs, and they respond by crouching down and hiding. 


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