Be Internet Awesome
Volume 4: It’s Cool To Be Kind
Writer: Tushar Abhichandani
Illustrator: Abhijeet Kini

The fourth installment in our Google’s Be Internet Awesome comic series is here, and this time, we are tackling something that everyone who has ever gone online can relate to: cyber bullying. In today’s day and age, more and more children are becoming victims of online trolling and harrassment, sometimes by peers, sometimes by absolute strangers. So how does one deal with it? That’s exactly what Mo and her sisters figure out together in this story, when Mo becomes the target of a troll attack who take offence with her cooking. Will she learn how to put them in their place, or does it make more sense to take the high road. Just remember, it’s always better (and cooler) to be kind!

Read it in Hindi as well!

Google EP04 BIA – It’s Cool To Be Kind – HINDI

Now that you have read the entire story, watch it come alive in this fun, animated video.

Now watch it in Hindi as well!

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