Laugh Out Loud
10 Mo-gnificent Jokes!
Writer: Rebekah Sarah Jose
Illustrator: Manas Bhagwat


Q: What does a proud herb think it is?  

A: A big dill 


Q: How did the butter introduce his spouse? 

A: As his butter half 


Q: What did the legume call the rude old actor bean? 

A: A has-bean 


Q: When’s the best time to dance at a vegetable party? 

A: When the beet drops! 


Q: What did Jaggu tell his cup of tea? 

A: “You are brewtiful!” 


Q: What did Mo say when she advised the baking aspirant? 

A: “To be a successful baker, you need to take whisks!” 


Q: What did Mo do when she had pages of maths homework? 

A: She motored on! 


Q: How was Mo’s sandwich party? 

A: It was jam packed! 


Q: What did the kitchen sink say after a tiring day? 

A: I’m drained! 


Q: Why did the architect stop designing kitchen work surfaces? 

A: Because it was counterproductive. 


Q: Why was the watermelon sad? 

A: Because it was meloncholy. 

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