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Screen to Plate
Writer: Sana Fathima

Hi friends!

It’s me, Mo! And as all of you know, I love cooking. Creating new dishes, coming up with cool recipes, the whole jam. Recently, I’ve been introduced to anime food by a new face in the Tinkle team! Sana—an intern, and my new friend, loves cooking as much as I do! We could go on for hours and hours talking about food, restaurants and whatnot.

Sana also introduced me to anime. Anime is animated cartoons or movies originating in Japan. What if I tell you that some of the shows you watch on TV are anime?! Yes, dear friends, I am referring to Doraemon and Shin Chan! That was quite a surprise wasn’t it? I was shocked, too, when I found out!

Thanks to the internet, the concept of “anime food” grew immensely popular because of its portrayal of delicious looking food that viewers could not take their eyes off. Maybe it’s the graphics, or maybe it’s the food itself, but the concept appealed to people of all ages. Many decided to up their cooking game by creating these delicacies at home, plating them exactly like they appeared in anime. The trend of recreating anime food started some years ago when—an Instagram user—decided to bring the foods that we see on screen to life. Though the trend was started a while ago, its hype continues to this day. This makes for a very fun activity to do with your family, especially if you have older siblings that you can boss around in the kitchen. Who knows, by the end of it, you might fall in love with cooking!

How about cooking a bowl of ramen from the Studio Ghibli movie, Ponyo (tip: you can use instant ramen for this)? Or, if you have a sweet tooth, how about some pancakes from another Studio Ghibli production, Kiki’s Delivery Service? Pssst! We have a yummy recipe for eggless pancakes if you’d want to check that out. Make sure to get an adult to help you! Sana told me that she had an awesome experience making homemade ramen from scratch! I would love to try it with my family too someday.

Have you recreated food from your favourite shows before? It sure does make for a very memorable (maybe slightly exhausting) experience!

Check out‘s Instagram page for more delicious-looking anime foods!

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