You Be The Detective
Writer: Devika Soni
Illustrator: Savio Mascarenhas

Amit and Delshad had almost completed their two-week long photography course. Now all they had to do was pass Ms. Iravati’s final test and then they could sign up as junior photographers for the local newspaper, Fresh News.

“Listen up, kids. Beautiful Bageecha is coming to town. They’re one of the best travelling nurseries in the state. They will set up their stalls at Jali Hill from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. this Saturday. I want you all to visit the exhibition and click some pictures using all the techniques I’ve taught you. We will meet on Monday and assess everyone’s photographs,” Ms. Iravati said before wrapping up class.

On Monday, when Ms. Iravati went through everyone’s pictures, she was smiling from ear to ear.

“I am really happy with everyone’s work. You have all done well and I’ll share your grades in the next few days. Now for the special mentions. Amit and Delshad, please join me.” Both the students were thrilled. They were hoping she’d liked their photographs.

“Thank you, Ms. Ira—”

“Let me stop you right there,” Ms. Iravati said, her smile fading. “Did you two really think that I wouldn’t find out that one of you has cheated? One of you has used a picture from Beautiful Bageecha’s website instead of actually visiting the nursery.”

“No ma’am! You know I submitted my photograph late because of the power outage! My laptop was dead! I didn’t cheat!” Amit was trying hard to hold back sobs.

“I haven’t cheated either. I don’t know what you’re talking about, ma’am,” Delshad said, looking confused as well.

Ms. Iravati presented their photographs. “All right, class, can you tell me who’s cheated here?”

Can you help Ms. Iravati’s class find out who cheated?

Delshad cheated. She must’ve downloaded an image from the internet. As per the information shared by Ms. Ira, the exhibition should’ve ended at 10 a.m. However, in Delshad’s photograph, the sunflowers were facing the west. In comparison, the sunflowers in Amit’s picture were facing the opposite direction at 7 a.m.

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