Writer: Vidan Pinto

Lightyear is a new Disney Pixar movie. It has action, adventure, suspense, and a cat! If you are a Toy Story fan, you will love this movie. In Toy Story, Andy gets a Buzz Lightyear toy for his birthday. That toy was from his favourite movie and this is that movie. 

I think this is the best Disney Pixar movie ever because of the plot. Just like a rolling stone that gathers no moss, this space ranger does not age.  In short, space travel can make one stay younger. This movie’s art and animation made me feel as if I was in space too!  

The movie starts with a spaceship landing on an unknown planet, filled with dangerous beings. Two space rangers–Buzz Lightyear and Alisha Hawthorne set out to see if it is safe. Soon, vines pop out of nowhere, enormous bugs chase them and they rush to their spaceship, which Buzz calls turnip. 

While trying to escape, the spaceship crashes against a cliff and they run out of fuel and are marooned. After a year of being left on the planet with their entire crew, they make a new fuel crystal and Buzz goes on a test flight to see if the fuel is stable enough for hyper speed. But unfortunately, it fails and when he returns, what for him was four minutes and twenty-three seconds was four years, three months and two days for the others.  

Alisha gifts him a robot cat Sox to keep him company. As an animal lover, I loved the scene where Sox first appeared. It is definitely my favourite character. Though a robot, it was cute to see Sox when he behaved like a real cat and tried to play with a spot of light.  

Though his first mission failed, Lightyear is not a space ranger who easily gives up. Making new crystals and constantly going on test flights, losing many years. Finally, Alisha passes away. A new commander Cal Burnside is chosen who forbids Buzz from going on the mission again. But Lightyear ignores and goes away, this time with Sox.  

He finally reaches hyper speed but when he returns, he finds some alien robots who have started invading the planet. The robots call their leader the Zurg. Buzz teams up with Alisha’s granddaughter, Izzy and her friends to stop the robots.  

Who is Zurg? Will the future and present meet? Will Lightyear get everyone back to Earth? Watch the movie to find out. 

The movie is currently streaming on Disney+Hotstar.

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