You Be The Detective
Recipe for Trouble
Writer: Rebekah S. J.
Illustrator: Archana Amberkar
The students of Khaana Hotel Management School were a tensed lot. They were going to have a speed cooking challenge. And the scary part? The ingredients they’d have to use were going to be a surprise! Rishi sauntered in, sipping some water. “Hey, champ!” Khaim called out. “All ready to win this challenge?” Jaz grinned and said,“Yeah, you’re definitely the one to beat in any challenge! But you never know, Kirti won the challenge last week.” Kirti grinned as she walked into the room and headed to her desk.“Who needs a beating? My whisk is ready!” The class laughed and then laughed some more as Kirti proceeded to tie her hair up with a kitchen clip. Kirti shrugged.“I lost my hair clip and this is the next best thing.” Rishi smiled. “You clown!” Then with a groan, he said...
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