You Be The Detective
Milk and Cookies
Writer: Christopher Baretto & Devika Soni
Illustrator: Archana Amberkar

One hot afternoon, the kids of Shakti Society decided to stay indoors. Sunaina, Eleanor and Sohaib were playing carrom and table tennis at the clubhouse. They would go out and play with the stray dog and her puppies once it got cooler.

“The puppies are napping. I just saw them. They look very well fed and satisfied even though none of us have been feeding them for the last couple of days,” Sunaina told her friends as she entered the clubhouse.

Minutes later, the manager of Shakti Society, Mr. Rogers, stormed into the clubhouse. He wasn’t very fond of the kids spending time at the clubhouse and he finally had a reason to stop them.

“Everyone, come with me to the clubhouse pantry!” he yelled. “Every weekend, I stock this place with biscuits and milk cartons, but not even a day later, it is emptied out. Whatever packets are left behind are unusable as well, with drool and bite marks! I know that one of you thinks this is a really funny prank to play. Now, which one of you is behind this vandalism?” he asked the kids.

“Could it be that rats infiltrated the pantry, Uncle? Maybe they gnawed at the remaining packets?” asked Sohaib. He pointed to a big hole near the door.

“That can’t be possible. We get pest control done every three months. The only thing that we don’t have under control are you pests,” said Mr. Rogers.

Sunaina was the next to speak.“Uncle, I hardly come to the clubhouse. I’ve been very busy with extra tuitions. I’m here today only because it is a holiday.” Eleanor said, “I don’t even enter the pantry, Uncle. Biscuits are not good for my stomach. The doctor has told me to avoid them.”

“Hmm… then it has to be you, Sohaib!” Mr. Rogers cried.

“No-no, Uncle. I just got back from a family trip and met Eleanor and Sunaina. You can ask my m-m-mummy,” he stuttered as tried to hold back his tears.

“Nothing doing. I will get to the bottom of this. Just you see,” Mr. Rogers said and stormed out of the clubhouse.

Who do you think is the real culprit and why?

Answer: The real culprit is the dog. She has been entering the pantry through the hole and taking biscuits and milk for her puppies. That’s why Sunaina notices that the puppies are well fed. The dog also leaves slobber on the remaining packets because she might’ve licked them trying to get a taste of the food.

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