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Video Game Parlour Closing Down?!
Writer: Staff Reporter
Illustrator: Abhijit Kini Studios

TINKLE TOWN: The legendary Aktion Game Centre seems to be in dire straits, following months of declining numbers of daily visitors. The once popular gaming centre used to be a hotbed of activity, with long lines of eager children waiting for their turn to play. However, this reporter found the premises of the video game parlour bereft of children, except for a small group of kids.

When asked about it, local girl Aisha Kurien Dhar, said, “Though we are happy to have the place all to ourselves, my friend, Lehar, thinks it’s super weird that we’re the only ones here.”

The receptionist seemed reluctant to comment but when pressed for answers, he tried to play down the lack of visitors. “It’s just a temporary lull in the economy, what with all these virtual reality headsets flooding the market these days. Now scram! You’re scaring away the few customers we have today.”

Is this the end of the line for Aktion Game Centre or will they adapt to the changing gaming scene? Are Aisha and her friends only here because they can’t afford virtual reality headsets? Will this be the last time these kids get to play at this gaming centre before it shuts down? Find out in ‘SuperWeirdos: Sob Sob! Haha!’ in Tinkle 779 W5!

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