Champion Island Games
Writer: Dhanyata Syrigapu
Champion Island Games is an interactive Google doodle, created to celebrate the recently concluded Tokyo Olympics 2020 and the ongoing Paralympics 2020. This is the longest interactive Google doodle game till now. This doodle game is just as much fun as other Google doodle games, and does not include any kind of violence. It is just the kind of game I like—adventurous, with lots to explore, and having a touch of comedy. With its superb locations, hilarious dialogues, and retro-style pixel animation, this game is sure to make you go wow!

The story of the game starts with a cat called Lucky, who visits ‘Champion Island’ to follow his dreams. As soon as he enters the Island, he is stopped by two strange creatures, with whom he has to play Table Tennis. Only then is he allowed to roam the island. After this rather unorthodox welcome, he is given the choice of choosing between four teams—Red Team made of research-minded crows; Blue Team comprised with strong bulls; Yellow Team with secretive foxes; and Green Team with the Kappas who um, ‘kappa’ a lot. Fun fact; Kappas are river creatures from Japanese folklore. You can also play without choosing a team if you so choose. Each team has a headquarters on the island where you can discover more about what these teams love to do. There are seven sporting events that you can play, each with a legendary champion to defeat. When Lucky manages to one-up a champion, he receives a scroll and a statue in the town square! There are harder versions of the match-up hidden on the island too, which you can unlock by completing side missions! The more side missions you unlock, the more trophies you get and the more fun you have overall! Some of the missions are most unexpected!

The best part about this game is that is absolutely free and works on any computer with Google Chrome on it. Click here to start playing right now!

PS: When you play, be sure to speak to everyone in the game, explore everything, and repeat conversations when you speak to people!

PPS: A video about the making of this game is available on YouTube as well.
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