Tinkle Fan Report 2023
Chaos at the ISC!
The Intergalactic Story Council reports that Tinkle is in danger! Find out why and how you can help. Hurry!

Why is there panic at the Intergalactic Story Council? Find our here!



These Contest Terms And Conditions (‘Terms and Conditions’) govern your participation in the “Tinkle Fan Report 2023” (the “Contest”) conducted by Amar Chitra Katha Pvt. Ltd. (“ACK” or “Company” or “we”). These Terms and Conditions apply to all participants (“Participant” – in case of minor participants include the parent/guardian of such minor participant) who intend to participate in the Contest. Because this competition is for children aged below 18, parents are encouraged to read, understand, and accept the contest’s terms and conditions.

1. The Contest is promoted by Amar Chitra Katha Pvt. Ltd. having its registered office at 5017-20, Fifth Floor, 1 Aerocity, NIBR Corporate Park, Andheri-Kurla Road, Safed Pool, Shivaji Nagar, Saki Naka, Mumbai – 400072.

2. The Contest shall commence on 1st November, 2023 and end on 10th January, 2024.

3. The contest is open to the Participant from 1st November, 2023, entering through their parent/guardian and who are residents of India.

4. Children wishing to participate need to obtain parental consent prior to submission. The form for ‘Permission to Participate and Parental Consent Form’ is attached with the survey and needs to be filled in with the survey.

5. By entering this contest, the Participant is indicating his/her agreement to be bound by these terms and conditions for the Contest as given by ACK.

6. To enter the Contest, the Participant shall complete a survey on the Tinkle website and/or App. Upon completion of the survey, the Participant shall receive a coupon code to claim free 1 (one) month subscription to the Tinkle app.

7. Please note that no Participant that is an existing Tinkle App subscriber shall be able to claim to the coupon code for free 1-month subscription to the Tinkle app.

8. All the Participants are expected to claim their 1-month free Tinkle app subscription code latest by 31st March, 2024. Post 31st March, 2024, all the subscription coupon codes will expire.

9. The survey shall consist of various questions relating to the Participant, Tinkle magazine, website & app. The Participants giving the best answer to the questions–

“If you were the Editor of Tinkle, which existing Tinkle Toon or series would you change? How and why?” and “What topics would you introduce to the Tinkle website and why?” in the survey shall receive prizes.

10. ACK shall select winners (“Winners”) for the Contest. ACK shall have the sole discretion to shortlist Winners for the Contest entered by the Participants.

11. The Winners shall receive fixed prizes from ACK.

12. The Prizes shall be as follows:

a) 1st prize: Birdwatching kit comprising one pair of binoculars, one field guide and one copy of Amar Chitra Katha’s Salim Ali book (one participant shall receive this)

b) 2nd prize: Tinkle Mega Collection box (two participants shall receive one each)

c) 3rd prize: Amazon gift vouchers (three participants shall receive one each)

d) Special prizes: 1-year subscriptions to the Tinkle app (up to 25 participants shall receive one each).

13. Prizes shall be awarded only to the Participants below the age of 18 years.

14. All the Winners of the Special prize who have existing Tinkle app subscriptions and don’t have a Lifetime Tinkle app subscription may claim the prize and have their existing subscriptions extended by a year more.

15. The Special prize Winners who have an existing Lifetime Tinkle app subscription cannot claim their prizes but may gift the free subscription to someone else without such Lifetime subscription.

16. The Participants who are existing Tinkle app subscribers may share their 1-month free access coupon code with someone else who is not an existing Tinkle app subscriber.

17. The Participants or Winners who are existing Tinkle app subscribers and still wish to claim their free subscriptions (1 month or 1 year), can do so by registering with a new email address on the Tinkle app. Each subscription is associated with only one email address in the Tinkle app.

18. In the event that the Winner fails to respond within 15 days from the date of being notified of winning and/or ACK is unable to contact the winner despite reasonable efforts, then ACK reserves the right to change the Winner and/or rescind the prize.

19. There is no entry fee to enter this Contest.

20. Only one survey will be accepted per Participant. Multiple attempts from the same Participant shall be disqualified.

21. Closing date for voting will be 10th February, 2024 After this date no further survey entries to the contest will be permitted.

22. The Winners shall be informed by the Company by a medium of communication of its choice. The Winners will be announced by ACK in the month of March, 2024 on Tinkle’s social media platforms, website, app and/or magazine.

23. Once the Winners are announced, ACK will publish survey results. ACK will have the sole right to publish, when to publish and what part to publish of such survey results. ACK shall have the sole discretion to publish the survey results on the platform of its choice.

24. Prizes distributed and any changes to the prizes will be on the sole discretion of ACK.

25. The Participant agrees that all rights associated with the questions in the survey shall vest with ACK at all times. ACK shall retain all right, title and interest in its patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade name, trade dress, service marks and trade secrets and/or creations, model, data, flow chart, drawing, design, diagram, table, artwork, innovation or any other information or material (“Intellectual Property Rights”) in perpetuity. In the event it is claimed that any part of the survey or answers submitted by the Participant infringes any person’s copyright, the Participant agree to indemnify against all costs, expenses, losses, fines etc. incurred, borne or suffered by ACK.

26. ACK reserves the right to, without liability or prejudice to any of its other rights, at any time, without previous notice and from time to time, withdraw/suspend/amend/cancel this Contest, with or without any reason.

27. The Contest shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the applicable laws in India. All matters with respect to the Contest are subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts at Mumbai only.

28. ACK’s decision in respect of all matters to do with the contest will be final and no correspondence will be entertained.

29. Nothing contained in these terms and conditions, nor the running of this Contest to which they apply, shall be construed as an obligation on ACK.

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