Tinkle Explains
Tinkle Trips Through the Human Body: Chickenpox
Writer: Margie Sastry and Rebekah S J
Illustrator: Savio Mascarenhas and Shrutika Gorule

Tini had just come back home from school. But she felt listless and out of sorts. She told her mother that her throat hurt and she felt tired.


Tini went off to sleep. But when she woke up the next morning, she had fever and a headache. There were bumps on her stomach too. Mother called Dr. Vaid immediately. After checking her, the doctor said that Tini had chickenpox! You see, the Varicella Zoster virus had entered Tini’s respiratory tract a few days ago.

But soon, Tini’s body’s defence system recognized the invasion and swung into action. However, the antibody soldiers were few as compared with the virus invaders. The bumps spread all over Tini’s body and the doctor strictly advised rest and no visitors as they could get infected too. But things were changing in Tini’s body. 

The antibodies and white blood cells fought valiantly against the intruders. As the fight went on, the blisters on Tini’s body turned into itchy papules (similar to pimples). The antibodies were soon winning the war! 

The papules began to dry up and turn into scabs. Tini was on the mend! 

But Tini was happy! She was fine again and could meet her friends. Tini’s doctor told her that it was good for everyone to take the chickenpox vaccine. You may get infected with chickenpox even after the vaccine, but it will be mild. And if you do get it, don’t worry! Rest well, apply soothing cream to the blisters as per the doctor’s instructions and don’t scratch yourself. Your amazing body will fight and you will be fine soon! 


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