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WingStar Spotted in Mumbai
Writer: Staff Reporter

Mumbai is one of those cities where every single day is filled with thrill, adventure and excitement. An everyday traveller could come across their favourite film star, an extraordinary sighting or just a plain old-fashioned fight on the streets. However, we have spotted something that you don’t get to see every day. Aizwa’s superhero, WingStar is in town and she is straightening up all kinds of bad guys!

Earlier today, there was a crisis at the Wandra-Borli Sea Link where a couple of goons threatened to blow up the bridge unless their gang leader was freed by the government. WingStar, along with Mad Mixer, took it upon themselves to negotiate with the gangsters in their own crime-fighting way.

We saw an array of gadgets being used. It was an action-packed showdown. We were unable to determine what happened at the end of the fight. To find out, read WingStar Trip To Mumbai.

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