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Crisis in NOIS kitchen
Writer: Staff Reporter

NILGIRIS: The kitchen at Nilgiri Orchid International School (NOIS), which usually serves such delicacies as pepper idiyappam and onion uthappams on the last day before exams, has gone rogue! Sources in the school tell us that ‘The Dragon’—the fiery lady who runs the NOIS kitchen—has been serving slop instead.

In the month of February, the school lets out on study break and students either return home or stay back on campus to prepare for the annual exams in March. As a treat, on the last day of school, the kitchen serves dishes such as chhole bhature (spicy chickpea preparation served with deep-fried bread), idiyappam (a steamed, rice noodle dish) and uthappam (a thick, pancake-like dish made with rice batter). However, this time, students were in for a rude awakening when The Dragon slapped on ladles of slop on their plates. She claimed that the ‘slop’ was a combination of all leftovers that she wanted to use up.

Needless to say, the students are disappointed and angry. But our sources say that a group of four students, known only by their first names of Nadia, Aadi, Dheer and Rayna, are planning something that might bring back the original menu of tasty treats. To find out what they are up to and whether they succeed, check out NOIS: The Dragon.

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