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Is Tantri turning over a new leaf?
Writer: Staff Reporter

HUJLI: The royal minister Tantri is known for his curt manner and surly demeanour. But our sources from the royal palace have some shocking news for us! The beloved minister has been seen expressing an extraordinary amount of affection for his king lately.

Tantri can’t seem to get enough of His Royal Highness Raja Hooja and we hear that he’s been pampering the king all day, getting very poetic in his appreciation of the king. He’s also been appreciating the flowers in the garden, much to the chagrin of Laddoo, the royal pest—err pet. 

We have so many questions for the Hujli’s courtier supreme. Is Tantri trying to change his personality completely? Is this Tantri’s way of celebrating Valentine’s Day? More importantly, will the king survive Tantri’s over-the-top displays of affection? Find out in Tinkle 773!


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