Ask Suppandi
Milk, Earphones and Elephants
Writer: Suppandi
Illustrator: Shrutika Gorule


Why is milk good for our bones? 

It’s just what our bones want us to believe. Just like we prefer certain food items, our bones love milk. They’ve convinced the brain that milk is good for them so that’s what the brain makes the mouth say. I don’t actually know why milk is good for our bones. But, even so, I recommend drinking milk for strong and happy bones. After all, you don’t want to make your bones sad and stop working, right? 

Why do our earphone wires get tangled up? 

What do you do when you see a friend after a long time? Hug them really tightly, right? Earphones do the same thing. Every time you remove them from your ears and put them in your pockets or your bag they get excited on seeing their friend and then hug really tightly. So the next time you untangle them, be gentle and give them a small smile. And remember to tell them that they’ll see their friend very soon. 

Why do elephants have big ears? 

It’s a big secret. Elephants can fly! Unfortunately, they’re shy fliers so if anyone who is not an elephant sees them, they immediately stop flying. They like making the viewer wonder if they imagined a flying elephant. And since elephants have big bodies, they need big ears to help them fly around and eat leaves from trees. And while this is an excellent thing to see, I’d recommend not sneaking up on elephants. Let them enjoy their time in the sky. 

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