The Witch’s Challenge – Chapter 12


The illusionist looks surprised. “Do you now?” he asks, raising one eyebrow. “You must be doing The Witch’s Challenge. I only have a word of advice for you, child—yes, that witch wants my ribbon, but not to save you… She has other wicked plans up her sleeve.”  

“So I’ve heard,” you say. “But if I don’t do as she says, she’ll turn me into a toad! That’s also bad!”  

“Hmmm…” says the illusionist. “You have a point. Okay, then. You can have the ribbon… if you pass my test.  

“As an illusionist, nothing baffles me anymore… nothing except numbers. Numbers scare me. But you seem to be a brave soul. If you can calculate the right numbers, you may have my ribbon.”  

“I am a number. Add yourself to me and I become you. Subtract yourself from me and I become your alter-ego. Multiply yourself with me and I turn you into myself! But divide yourself with me, and no fixed answer is yielded. What am I?” 

Correct! Seems like your chances of winning are more than ‘zero’. Click here to proceed! 

Alas, that is not the answer. Try again to proceed with the witch’s challenge!

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