Tinkle Story Creation Workshop
The Lost Future
Writer: Vignesh Sunnam

It was the year 3022. Robomatic the robot, was roaming around Earth and eating his iron burger. A loud crash stopped him. A building had fallen, and everyone was screaming. “It is a UFO!” they said.

Robomatic saw an alien and dashed into the UFO. Soon, they started fighting. Suddenly, the UFO shot a laser at Robomatic and he fell in pain.

The alien started destroying the earth.

“Help! Help!” People started shouting. More buildings crashed. Robomatic sensed danger and woke up. With all his strength, he started flying in the sky. He then jumped on the UFO and began punching it.

“H.E.Y!” the alien said. “G.O A.W.A.Y!” It tried pushing Robomatic from the UFO, but failed. Some cracks started appearing on the UFO, and it fell. CRASH!

The alien came out of the UFO and ran away in fear. From that day onwards, Robomatic and his friends were safe and lived happily ever after!

This story was written as part of the Tinkle Story Creation Workshop. You can also learn to write stories with the help of the Tinkle team, among other fun workshops we conduct. Click here to sign up for one of our workshops today!

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