You Be The Detective
The 800th Mail
Writer: Himasweeta Sharma
Illustrator: Sachin Adhare, Prasad Sawant and Shivani Pednekar


After hearing his friends enthusiastically talk about Tinkle Mail, a new email service, a curious Jagannath Halbe created an account on Along with essential office emails, he started receiving many spam emails too.

After a particularly exhausting day at work, Jaggu sat down to check his inbox. He noticed that the 800th mail that had arrived just a few seconds ago had the subject line: “Your bonus is in danger”.

Panicking, Jaggu read through the email. “Huh? How is this possible? No one knew I withdrew my salary bonus from the ATM yesterday,” he thought. He guessed it was someone from his household because the sender knew his locker had two shelves. “Hmm… Ina is out of town, so it can’t be her. That leaves Bina, Mina, Mynah and Mo.”

After not making much progress with his interrogation, he decided to look at everyone’s phones and the computer. He found flour fingerprints on the computer mouse. Now certain, he asked the culprit to confess.

Who wrote that threatening email and how did Jaggu figure it out?

Mo wrote that email because Jaggu found flour fingerprints on the mouse. This means that she sent the mail in the middle of her baking process. 

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