Ask Suppandi
Birds, Sleepless Nights, and Milk Teeth
Writer: Abhay Kaushik and Suppandi
Illustrator: Shivani Pednekar


Why are some birds flightless? 

A long, long time ago, when birds had just been created, a council of birds decided to come together and decide who can do what. These council members also had to look after the well-being of the birds. And so, even though all had asked for the ability to fly, they decided that birds like ostriches and penguins wouldn’t fly and birds like blue jays and robins could fly. This was to avoid the big birds from falling to the ground. Eventually, these flightless birds became grateful for their diverse abilities, such as strength, ability to swim, and more. And so, we should also appreciate different birds for their unique characteristics! 

What causes sleepless nights? 

Sleepless nights are caused by your brain. On a given day every year, your brain decides which nights will be sleepless and which nights you’ll get sleep. It also decides days when you fall sick. Your brain also has a button that when switched on, lets you go to sleep. But on days when you’re unwell or your brain is full of thoughts, it forgets to switch on that button. That’s why you have sleepless nights. 

Why do milk teeth fall out? 

Your milk teeth fall out because of an old competition that was held to decide who was stronger: milk teeth or permanent teeth. The competition helped decide who could cover a bigger part of your gums. The loser had to fall first and the winner stayed forever. In the competition, permanent teeth won. So, the milk teeth come first and and quickly leave, making room for the permanent teeth. 

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