Laugh Out Loud
10 Cool Jokes for Summer
Writer: Aparna Sundaresan
Illustrator: Shivani Pednekar


Q: What did the high tide tell the boat moored on the shore?
A: “It’s aboat time to go, friend!” 

Q: What do snowmen do in summer?
A: Melt. 

Q: Why did Shambu cry as he relaxed by the seaside?
A: Because his holiday made him em-ocean-al. 

Q: What did one wave say to the other when it spotted Suppandi at the beach?
A: “He’ll shorely make us laugh!” 

Q: What did Raja Hooja do during the summer holiday?
A: He had fun with buoys and gulls. 

Q: Why do bananas use sunscreen?
A: To stop them from peeling! 

Q: How do calves spend their summer holidays?
A: They watch moo-vies. 

Q: What’s brown, hairy and wears sunglasses?
A: A coconut on holiday! 

Q: Why do teachers jump into a pool during the summer?
A: To test the waters! 

Q: How do merpeople talk to their friends during holidays?
A: With a shell phone. 


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