Sunday Story
A Father’s Day Message
Writer: Achachan

Dear reader,

I don’t know if many of you know this, but I recently became a father. And let me tell you this, ever since I became a father myself, I have new-found respect for my dad, and a lot more appreciation for the years he put into raising my sister and me. If I can be even a fraction of the father he is, my daughter will be very lucky indeed. My dad and I have a lovely relationship. I can tell him anything and he never judges what I do or how I react. We have heated arguments about all sorts of things, but we also know that it is okay to have different viewpoints and that we can always agree to disagree.

He’s always been competitive, excelling at sports like squash and tenpin bowling, which he played professionally. Ever since I can remember, I could never beat my dad in a game of squash. And then one day, when I was in my early twenties, I did it! I actually managed to get an edge over him momentarily and won my first set against him! I was so happy. I wasn’t exactly a gracious winner though; I kept gloating and preening, declaring how old age was catching up with him and that it was my time to shine. Well, my victory (and attitude) lasted precisely for five minutes, because in the very next set, my dad showed me who’s boss, giving me a sound thrashing, beating me 11 to 1! That was more than 10 years ago. I’m yet to win another set!

So that’s my dad and me. Do you have any fun stories about your father? Share it with us through our Li’l Tinkle Stars section or by emailing us at or Here’s wishing all our fathers (including myself) a very happy Father’s Day!

Your friend forever,

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