Tinkle Headlines
Sisters Build Amusement Park At Home?!
Writer: Shreya Ghosh
Illustrator: Archana Amberkar and Narendra Pardhi


TINKLE TOWN: It has been brought to our attention that the Halbe sisters have set out to build an illegal amusement park in their house! Tired of the extreme heat, they decided on this extravagant and dangerous venture that could be a safety hazard for the entire neighbourhood. How can these young girls take on a construction project without permission from the authorities or even their parents? And how can Jagannath Halbe, known for his good sense with money, have daughters so callous?

This reporter tried to question one of the Halbe sisters, Ina Halbe, about this. However, she simply laughed it off, clearly only concerned with the profits she would reap from this dangerous venture, saying, “You can’t even imagine the kinds of “rides” we’ll build! It’ll be amazing fun!” We are staying posted in the vicinity to find out more about these proceedings. Till now, all we have heard is a lot of sounds emanating from the Halbe household and an eyewitness account from a neighbour who saw one of the sisters from the front window, armed with a pillow in her hands and wrath in her eyes.

Will the Halbe sisters be able to get away with this? What will they do once their parents get home? Read Tinkle 788 Week 4 to find out.

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