You Be The Detective
Tainted Paint
Writer: Rebekah Sarah Jose
Illustrator: Sachin Adhare and Manas Bhagwat


Billy Cat had come to the painters’ commune in great excitement. Her canvas would now be ready after priming*. “I can’t wait to start painting! I wish it didn’t take so long for an oil painting to dry. Now I’ll have to wait six months before I varnish it,” she thought to herself as she applied her first stroke onto the canvas and then let out a loud squeal. “This is not my canvas!”

Old Bowie Dog hurried to her side. “How can it not be your canvas? I saw you setting it up,” he said. “I did, Bowie sir. But my canvas had oil primer. This one has acrylic primer!” Bowie Dog looked shocked as Billy Cat proceeded to show what she meant. “See, sir! The paint doesn’t move as freely and look, if I were to rub it o with this rag—SCRITCH SCRITCH—it doesn’t come o as it would if it were an oil primer.” “You’re right, Billy,” said Bowie Dog with a grave look. “Let’s ask the others who were here.” Daisy Poodle looked oended. She was sitting near her week-old oil painting with a big brush.

Billy Cat wiped a tear off. “Looks like I’ll have to start all over again.” “Maybe so,” muttered Bowie Dog with a frown. “But not before you get justice. I know who is lying.”

Who does Bowie Dog think is lying and why?

*applying a substance on the canvas before painting to prevent the absorption of paint

Bowie Dog thinks Daisy Poodle is lying because she said she’s applying varnish to her week-old oil painting whereas varnish is applied only six months after the painting has been completed to let the paint dry.

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